About Me

I'm named after the NASCAR driver, not the vegetable.

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    Minutes Explaining Internal Combustion Engine
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    Minute Constitutional
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    Times woken by an alarm clock, last 5 years
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    Single Cappuccinos
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    Reclaimed Timber Bed frame built

Me in a Nutshell

nutshell1 I play guitar and I play chess. One I do much better than the other. I'll let you guess which. I started guitar a bit late at age 16 and classical two years later. I practised my tail off for a year and auditioned for Boyer College of Music at Temple University, where I spent 1 semester before high-tailin' it to Colorado. I came back and finished up my studies under the tutelage of Allen Krantz, winding up with one Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Guitar performance and another one in Music Theory. Since graduating, I've been keepin' my chops up and continuing to develop as a player under the guidance of Juilliard faculty member and long-time standard of the NYC classical guitar scene, Patrick O'Brien. I just started playing chess a few years back. So, yeah, you guessed right. I'm much better at guitar. Say Hi, Email me

My Skills

  1. Classical Guitar 80%
  2. Bad Jokes & Puns 110%
  3. Chess 30%
  4. Teaching Guitar 70%
The guitar is an intimate instrument with an incredible repertoire of romantic music which plays so naturally on the instrument, especially in a salon- or house- concert setting. Much of the mystery and intimacy of the instrument has been lost in Segovia and the subsequent generation of guitarist's search for larger audiences (guitars needed to be built heavier and played harder; because of this, the intimacy of the instrument is often obscured). These days, my musical interest lie in trying to rediscover all the intimacy and nuance of the guitar that can't be duplicated in Carnegie Hall.

  • "Some day soon I'll finish setting up my website and have an inspirational quote here"- Kale Good
  • "Be inspired by inspiring others."- Hey, I don't have a press agent, so cut me some slack.
  • Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec sed odio dui.- Don't be fooled. It isn't Latin.